Science and Religion in Catholic High Schools

Catholic schools are unique in the U.S. that they have long aimed to teach religion and science (...yes, including evolution) under the same roof. How well do Catholic high schools help students reconcile their knowledge of their faith and science? CARA surveys reveal again that "Catholic schools matter." Read the Special Report...

Women and Men Entering Religious Life

What attracts women and men entering religious life to the orders they join?  Respondents to a new CARA survey say they were drawn by the institute’s spirituality, mission, community life, prayer life, and the example of its members. Nine in ten said they were at least “somewhat” attracted by those features. Two in three said they were “very much” attracted to those elements of their religious institute. Read more:

Catholic Women in the United States

CARA explores the beliefs, practices, experiences, and attitudes of Catholic women in the United States in this first of its kind national survey. This research was commissioned by America Media and is featured in America Magazine. Read CARA's summary report for the survey:

Going, Going Gone?

CARA partnered with Saint Mary's Press to provide insight into why some young Catholics leave the faith. The backbone of this research is a CARA Catholic Poll of this population nationally. This was followed by interviews with respondents and short documentary films to put the reasons in their own words. It concludes with a National Conversation on Religion and Disaffiliation in America:

Catholic Worship Site Inventory

CARA has been commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to update its database of Catholic worship sites in the United States, from cathedrals to parishes to chapels. All of 19,900+ of them. This survey asks each site to briefly provide information about the local community with a focus on pastoral care of "people on the move." To go to the survey click "View" below.

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CARA Researcher Mark Gray won 1st Place in the Catholic Press Association Awards for Best In-Depth News/Special Reporting for a National Newspaper or Wire Service for his story "Young people are leaving the faith: Here's why" in OSV Newsweekly.

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