Catholic Ministry Formation Directory

The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University is pleased to offer the Catholic Ministry Formation Directory 2021 (available June, 2021). CARA is also offering online access to the Ministry Formation Directory.

What is the Ministry Formation Directory?

The Ministry Formation Directory is a revised and expanded bound and online edition of the indispensable reference for seminary, diaconate, and lay ministry formation programs, vocation offices, career counselors, parishes, and many others. The 2021 Directory contains a detailed analysis of participants in Catholic ministry formation programs – seminarians, deacon candidates, and men and women preparing for lay ecclesial ministry positions. It also contains a complete listing of the more than 500 Catholic ministry formation programs sponsored by the Catholic Church in the United States, organized by type, by state, and by diocese. Each entry includes a listing of current leadership for each program, enrollment data, contact information, and a detailed program description. The Directory also contains a statistical overview of ministry formation enrollments.

In what formats can I get the Ministry Formation Directory?

The Catholic Ministry Formation Directory is available in two formats: book and online. The reference book is approximately 400 pages, and is bound in black. It includes the statistical overview, entries for each formation program including contact information and overview data on the program, and more. The book is published every other year.

The online Directory features an easy-to-use search function, as well as downloadable data and customized reports. The online Directory is updated annually. Click here for a screenshot of the online Catholic Ministry Formation Directory.

If you have already ordered your online subscription to the Directory, click HERE to access the login page.

How is the Directory organized?

There are three sections to the print and online Directory:

  • Priesthood Formation: Includes information on every high school, college, and theology level program, both degree-granting and residential, in the United States. Every entry contains a current list of the leadership at each program, information on enrollments, and a detailed description of the program.
  • Diaconate Formation: Includes information on every diocesan program for the formation of men for the permanent diaconate, including programs offered in Spanish.
  • Lay Ministry Formation: Includes both academic programs affiliated with seminaries and universities as well as diocesan sponsored programs.

The Catholic Ministry Formation Directory 2021 offers these features:

  • Up-to-Date Listings. CARA verifies the addresses, officers, degrees, enrollments and every other aspect of each of the more than 550 ministry formation programs in the Directory, so you can trust that each entry has the most current information available.
  • Expanded Statistical Analysis. CARA publishes the most thorough analysis of trends in ministry formation available anywhere.
  • Reports on seminaries, diaconate and lay ministry formation programs give all available information in a friendly, easy-to-read style with plenty of graphs and tables.

How do I order the Directory?

You can purchase the book for $90 ($9.95 shipping and handling), the online edition for $45, or both for $125 (free shipping). Once you place your order, CARA staff will be in contact with you to deliver your Directory.

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